In 2010 JSC was appointed by Royal Ascot to promote hospitality across the racecourse for the five day event with the Bessborough Fashion Show and The Waterside Inn being a primary focus.  JSC worked closely with Milliner Stephen Jones and utilised associated fashion designers such as Matthew Williamson and Amanda Wakeley to place interviews across high-circulation national press to promote the fashion show.  In addition, the team also hosted a media launch  at The Waterside Inn with Michel Roux Snr and promoted the additional 10 restaurants on site working closely with Executive Chef Steve Golding


JSC generated over 100 pieces of national lifestyle coverage and 1 ½ hours of TV coverage with a few highlights including extensive column inches across Hello Magazine, FT’s How to Spend it, S magazine, Daily Mail and You Magazine.  The total value of media generated over the five day festival was £720,000 worth of print & online coverage and £922,295 of TV footage resulting in a grand total  of just over £1.5million - a very successful campaign for Royal Ascot 2010!