JSC managed Investec’s sponsorship of Test Cricket for the entire duration of the five-year agreement. Creating compelling content and narratives, JSC drove Investec press coverage while generating over 25,000 twitter users to the @Investec_Cricket handle.Here’s what a few of the biggest names in cricket journalism thought!

” Investec are the most visible, most engaged cricket sponsor I have dealt with in 20 years of journalism. ”

Nick Hoult, - Cricket Correspondent Daily Telegraph

” A typical topic of conversation amongst cricket journalists is why other sponsors don’t do things ‘the Investec way’. When on air it feels natural to mention Investec + cricket rather than feeling you are having to shoehorn the reference. ”

Jon Norman, - Talksport Cricket Broadcaster

” Investec are the best sponsor I have worked with in all my time in cricket. ”

Paul Newman, - Daily Mail Cricket Correspondent

” It’s probably fair to say that journalists can look upon sponsorship, PR and the commercial side of sport with a decent dollop of scepticism. In all my years as a journalist I have never seen a sponsor overcome these hurdles as well as Investec. ”

George Dobell, - ESPN CricInfo Senior Cricket Correspondent

” I have been covering Test cricket in England for 30 years and Investec are without question among the best sponsors of the game during that period -if not the best. ”

John Etheridge, - The Sun Cricket Correspondent

” Over the years I have witnessed a lot of cricket sponsorships and Investec are right up there. Anthony and the team are polite and engaging and show a good appreciation of both cricket and the media. I’ve very much enjoyed working with them on their press previews which are a great way to launch the series and draw some attention both to Test cricket and Investec. ”

Nasser Hussain, - Sky Sports Broadcasterand former England Captain